MongoliaConsults News: Neck & Neck enters Singapore & Thailand, & is preparing to enter Egypt, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia

MongoliaConsults is proud to have contributed to the expansion of Neck & Neck into South-East Asia! We thank Neck & Neck for mentioning about us in this Press Release and we wish Neck & Neck a sheer success in accomplishing its development objectives!

/Unofficial Translation/

Neck & Neck enters Singapore and Thailand and

is preparing to enter Egypt, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia

” Neck & Neck landed in Singapore and Thailand, where it plans to open more than 30 outlets. The Spanish children’s fashion company boosts its expansion into Southeast Asia, which began last year with its entry into the Philippines, via the help of local partners. The group moves on and is planning to enter Egypt, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia this year.

In Thailand, Neck & Neck operated through MongoliaConsults, a local consultancy firm, based in Bangkok, specialised in international development. For now, the consultant has achieved an initial agreement with Central Marketing Group, the owner of a major network of department stores throughout the country, which plans to open 8 outlets this year.

In the case of Singapore, the Spanish company has signed a master franchise agreement with the Jay Gee Melwani Group, to open the first outlet of Neck & Neck in the country, in the City Square Mall, this year. The agreement also foresees the opening of 23 corners in department stores within a period of two years.

Neck & Neck has focused on international markets in recent years. The company has entered Morocco, the Philippines and UAE, and is about to enter Egypt, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, where it is planning 15 openings in the coming months.

Founded in 1998, Neck & Neck has a network of 200 outlets and is present in 11 countries. According to the company, the goal is to expand its total sales in international markets from the current 30% to 50% within a short period of time. In 2011, the company had a turnover of EUR 27 million. “

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