SmallCap Network: Betting on Mongolia as a Source Material Provider

I like what Nova Mining Corp (NVMN) did today, got right in the middle of a supply chain. I recall a gasoline company that did something similar with Southwest Airlines when jet fuel was in short supply and the company guaranteed Southwest a supply and a discounted price off an average national gas price. Southwest kept flying ‘efficiently’ and the ‘middle-man’ made a nifty profit. That’s how I see today’s Nova Mining deal. Apparently lithium is in short supply and product-makers like smart-phone manufacturers and tablet makers and electric car makers are all in a mad dash for the raw battery component at a cheap price of course. Along comes NVMN who said today the Company received the reports and government license documents on the third lithium mining property owned by Mongolian National Mining Consultants Limited (MNMC). To read the full article, click hereBetting on Mongolia as a Source Material Provider

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