The Straits Times: Hustai National Park

Like all places above the dust and pollution of cities, the air in this high summer landscape in the heart of the Eurasian land mass has a wild thin quality. Above green rolling hills dotted with huge stones marking the burial sites of ancient Neolithic shamans, high stratocumulus scud across an azure blue sky. Underfoot are fields of yellow irises and green meadows where tiny cicadas call and occasionally whir through the air for a few seconds in mating flight. Marmots stand on their hind legs to look around, scampering away and disappearing into their burrows when disturbed. Birds flit through the air, and high above, a single eagle glides in widening circles. It is summer, the sun is out after days of unseasonal rain, and all around is life. A distant snort of deep breath carried on the high cold wind that blows among these treeless hills breaks the silence. The wild horses are near. After 20 years, once again they roam the wild high steppes of Mongolia. To read the full article & view the photos, click hereHustai National Park

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