Calgary Sun: It’s a wild world

For people who grew up anywhere near the North American plains, Mongolia will be a comfortable place. Mongolia occupies just about the same kind of territory as southern Alberta or northern Montana with a whole bunch of southern Saskatchewan thrown into the mix. There are hills and mountains, lakes and rivers and mind-boggling expanses of grassland the likes of which haven’t been seen in North American for more than a century. Mongolia even sits at the same latitude as Alberta, Montana and Saskatchewan with its capital, Ulaanbataar, a straight line west — although halfway around the world — from Great Falls, Mont. But for every similarity there are a dozen differences. While we share bird species like horned larks with our Mongolian counterparts, they also have skylarks. It’s pretty rare to see a sandhill crane anywhere in southern Alberta but demoiselle cranes seem to be everywhere on the Mongolian plains. To read the full article & view the photos, click hereIt’s a wild world

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