Al Jazeera: Parliamentary polls close in Mongolia

Polls have closed in Mongolia for the country’s seventh parliamentary election. Thursday’s election pitted the 90-year-old Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) against the Mongolian Democratic Party (MDP), formed when the country broke away from the Soviet Union in 1990, as well as 11 other parties. The northeast Asian country had the world’s fastest-growing economy last year, but a third of its people live below the poverty line. Both main political parties promise to ensure that the mining boom benefits more Mongolians. Competition for the 76 seats in the legislature – the State Great Khural – is fierce. Some analysts expect neither of the main parties to gain a majority, forcing a coalition either with each other, as happened in 2008, or with another party. To read the full article & view the video, click hereParliamentary polls close in Mongolia

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