Flares into Darkness: Mongolia’s statue of Genghis Khan

Mongolia has built a huge statue of Genghis Khan. It stands about 30 miles outside of the Mongolian capital of Ulan Bator. It is inteneded to be the center piece of a planned tourist park which will feature historical and cultural areas, camping in yurts, a swimming pool, theater and a golf course. When this is all done they plan on plating the statue with gold. Regular readers will know I’ve frequently made fun of Turkmenistan’s ridiculous building schemes. Granted, a giant gold-plated statue of Genghis Khan appears like something similar, however the Mongolians seem to have a much more rational grip on their tourism planning. They’re basing it around their history, culture and landscape, which is a saner approach. They’re also making efforts at upgrading their hotel situation which currently sounds pretty dodgy. To read the full article & view the photos, click hereMongolia’s statue of Genghis Khan

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