Forbes: Cronyism at its Worst in Mongolia

As I wrote on Monday, the Mongolian elections will go ahead without former president Enkhbayar standing for his Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party (MPRP). And go ahead they did today due to current president Elbegdorj’s manipulation of democracy for his own benefit. On the significance of the elections, Elbegdorj commented, “Today, we Mongolians face an important time to make a historic choice to address Mongolia’s development and democracy.” What Elbegdorj failed to mention was that he and his cronies are the principal force standing in the way of Mongolia’s development and democracy. New information the General Election Committee’s (GEC) decision-making process sheds light on how corrupt and backhanded the current Mongolian government really is. To read the full article, click hereCronyism at its Worst in Mongolia

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