Mongolia Today: MPRP Vote as Indication of Populism

Some days ago, I considered whether we might take the share of the party vote achieved by the MPRP in tomorrow’s election as an indication of (a rise of) populism in Mongolian politics. Having had the opportunity to speak to a few supporters of the MPRP in the past several days of visiting campaign offices and candidates, I do think that support for the party indicates the appeal of populist and simplistic interpretations of developments and proposals for policies. The Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party was Mongolia’s governing party for the entire state socialist period, of course, and managed to transform itself into a political force that continued to dominate democratic politics as well, as Morris Rossabi has described in his 2009 Pacific Affairs article, “The Transmogrification of a Communist Party“. Since the publication of this article, the MPRP has been transmogrifying further. To read the full article, click hereMPRP Vote as Indication of Populism

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