Eurasianet: Mongolia – Can New Electoral Law Help Women Enter Parliament?

If all goes as envisioned on June 28, Mongolia’s parliament will no longer be a male bastion. Supported by recent revisions to Mongolia’s election law, a record number of women are on the ballot in parliamentary elections on June 28. They are seeking seats in what has traditionally been a male-dominated body. Of the 544 candidates running for the 76-seat parliament, 174 are women – well above a newly established 20-percent quota. But where their names appear on the lengthy ballot may be a determining factor in whether this becomes a breakthrough occasion. Currently, the proportion of women in the Ikh Khural, or parliament, ranks Mongolia near the bottom of the list of countries surveyed by the Geneva-based Inter-Parliamentary Union. Women’s rights activists say government policies and patriarchal attitudes have discouraged women from entering politics. To read the full article, click hereMongolia – Can New Electoral Law Help Women Enter Parliament?

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