Los Angeles Times: Political corruption case illustrates Mongolia’s challenges

The man who was once the most powerful person in Mongolia lies in a hospital bed recovering from a hunger strike, the late afternoon sun falling across his sunken face. Mongolia’s parliamentary elections are scheduled Thursday, but former President Nambaryn Enkhbayar will not be on the ballot. He is being tried on five counts of corruption, a case he charges was engineered by the current president. “The present authorities are scared of me,” he said in fluent English, his voice grave. “They control the judicial system and media. That’s why they could launch this so-called anti-Enkhbayar campaign.” Enkhbayar’s case, the most serious corruption scandal in Mongolia’s recent history, illustrates some of the country’s challenges as it seeks to establish itself as an  example for other Central Asian nations. Its economy is growing rapidly as a result of a mining boom. But rampant corruption, political infighting and a still-incipient judicial system could hold it back. To read the full article, click herePolitical corruption case illustrates Mongolia’s challenges

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