LiveScience: Dino Dealer Says He’s Not a ‘Smuggler,’ Calls Fossil ‘Political Trophy’

A Florida fossil dealer who prepared the skeleton of a tyrannosaur and attempted to sell it at auction, questions assertions that the fossils were taken illegally from Mongolia, and says the dispute over its ownership has brought financial ruin on his family. “Imagine watching your house burn down with everything you have in it and knowing you have no insurance,” Eric Prokopi, a commercial fossil dealer based in Gainesville, Fla., writes in a lengthy statement issued to reporters today. The lost sale of the dinosaur has been devastating, he writes. The process of preparing the skeleton — which federal agents took into protective custody earlier today — took “thousands of hours and every penny my wife and I had,” Prokopi writes. To read the full article, click hereDino Dealer Says He’s Not a ‘Smuggler,’ Calls Fossil ‘Political Trophy’

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