LiveScience: Feds Take Disputed Dinosaur Fossils into Custody

Federal agents took possession of a dinosaur skeleton that is the subject of an ownership dispute on Friday afternoon, loading crates of fossilized bones into the back of a white truck from a storage building here in Sunnyside, Queens. Homeland Security Investigations was taking the fossils to an undisclosed location for safekeeping until a federal case filed by the U.S. Attorney is resolved, Deputy Special Agent In Charge Glenn Sorge told reporters. The fossils, which belong to a type of tyrannosaur called a Tarbosaurus, were sold at auction on May 20 on the condition of court approval. Mongolian officials and paleontologists say the 75-percent complete skeleton, which garnered a $1.1 million bid at the auction, was taken illegally from that country. To read the full article, click hereFeds Take Disputed Dinosaur Fossils into Custody

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