Leopard Capital – Emerging Frontiers Blog / The Business Council of Mongolia: Mongolia tops the charts in risky frontier markets

The potential for realizing huge gains in Mongolia has not gone unnoticed by fund managers. Both Singapore-based Khan Investment Management and Hong Kong-based Quam Asset Management launched Mongolia investment funds in the second half of last year. However neither has made the bold statement that is implicit in the most recent launch—the FMG Mongolia Fund, unveiled in January. While Khan Investment’s fund ranges across real estate, private equity and bonds and Quam Assets’s fund bases its investments on overseas listed companies with exposure to Mongolia, FMG is obstinately investing only in stocks listed on the Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE), which has a tiny market capitalization of about USD 1.5 billion. “Any risk you can dream of, or you’ve heard of, is probably here,” says John Kahm, founder of FMG, about his new fund launch. To read the full article, click hereMongolia tops the charts in risky frontier markets

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