NEWSMAX: Mongolia Slips Toward Autocracy

In an earlier article, I highlighted the importance of former Mongolian president Nambar Enkhbayar’s corruption trial for the fate of democracy in Mongolia. The charges logged against Enkhbayar represent a political vendetta on the part of the current president, Tsakhia Elbegdorj, and threaten to sideline Enkhbayar in the upcoming parliamentary elections.In just a matter of days, things have gotten worse for Enkhbayar and, most importantly, for democracy in Mongolia. Last week elections officials formally barred Enkhbayar from participating in the parliamentary elections later this month. The reason the General Election Committee gave? Enkhbayar’s integrity. In an unexpected twist, Enkhbayar’s son, Batshugar, was also barred from standing in the elections as well. Officials said that he was ineligible to run because he had failed to serve the mandatory two years in the Mongolian army. To read the full article, click hereMongolia Slips Toward Autocracy

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