PR Newswire: Mongolian President Urges Global Support for Anti-Corruption Efforts

From the Office of the President of Mongolia: Mongolian President Tsakhia Elbegdorj today called on the United Nations, European Union, United States and its other global allies to support Mongolia’s efforts to clamp down on public corruption. Earlier this spring, following widespread public reports of misdeeds, Mongolia’s Independent Authority Against Corruption (IAAC) called for the arrest of former Mongolian president Nambaryn Enkhbayar after the former official refused to receive subpoenas which detailed numerous corruption-related violations of the Mongolian Criminal Code. Since the IAAC’s first subpoenas were issued to Mr. Enkhbayar over one year ago, in May of 2011, the IAAC initiated 27 separate investigations, ranging from embezzlement to extortion and bribery; of these ongoing investigations, the IAAC has initially charged Mr. Enkhbayar with five offenses. President Elbegdorj urges the country’s democratic allies to recognize the need for due process of law in Mongolia while an open judicial process moves forward on the charges. Since his April 13th arrest, Mr. Enkhbayar has had unfettered access to legal counsel as well as both domestic and international news media. He has been treated with respect and accorded his full human rights and protections afforded to any criminal defendant under Mongolia’s Constitution. Now out on bail, Mr. Enkhbayar’s trial is set to begin on June 12. To read the full article, click hereMongolian President Urges Global Support for Anti-Corruption Efforts

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