Women Travel the World: Mongolia – Travel on the Edge – Always be careful

Mongolia this year at the end of September and we are usually well on our way home, back to Australia. We were still in Western Mongolia, driving the seventeen hundred kilometres back to Ulan Bataar. The weather turned without warning as it can and often does at that time of the year. It snowed. We had planned to cut across to Tserserleg, over a mountain pass, to cut off 100 kilometres, to get back to the capital as soon as possible. We continued to climb and the more we climbed the more it snowed and the more the temperature dropped. The entire landscape had changed from dry and cool to icy and freezing then frozen solid. As we drove further into the mountains, the gers in which the nomads live became very scarce. We were now in a remote and uninhabitable area. The snow began to fall heavier as the hours went by and the track became only distinguishable by the long tufts of grass, which grew either side of it. To read the full article, click hereMongolia – Travel on the Edge – Always be careful

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