ZME Science: Yep, it’s settled – Sold Tyrannosaurus definitely belongs in Mongolia

Remember about the auctioned Tyrannosaurus Bataar, taken out of Mongolia? Even though a court from Texas declared the auction illegal, the sale proceeded in New York, and unofficial, national court order has not been issued yet. However, that may change following the analysis of an international paleontologists team. “We have pulled a lot of them out of the ground and seen a lot of others come out of the ground, and in our professional opinion it is from Mongolia,” said Mark Norell, a paleontologist at the American Museum of Natural History who began working in the Central Asian country in 1990. Norell and fellow investigator Philip Currie, a paleontologist at the University of Alberta, announced their findings and were immediately seconded by Mongolian paleontologists. It is still not exactly clear how this will affect the sale itself, but it will definitely weigh greatly in the decision. “I have no doubt that the Tarbasaurus bataar will be returned to Mongolia,” said Puntsag Tsagaan, senior adviser to Mongolian President Elbegdorj Tsakhia, following the investigators’ conclusions. To read the full article, click hereYep, it’s settled – Sold Tyrannosaurus definitely belongs in Mongolia

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