Mongolia Today: Mongolian Medical Tourism Industry on the Rise

Medical tourism (MT) entails the intentional pursuit of medical care beyond the borders of a patient’s home country, privately arranged for and usually paid for out of pocket. These patients are motivated by high costs of care in their home countries, higher quality or faster care abroad, and/or the inability to access care in their home countries. Research on the potential health equity impacts of MT has generally focused on patients traveling from the Global North, thus ignoring the large numbers of patients from the Global South traveling across lower and middle income countries to access medical care. These patients represent different challenges to their home health systems that require independent investigation. Mongolia is increasingly a source of medical tourists for nearby countries promoting medical care to foreign patients. Between 13-22 April 2012, SFU team that works on Medical tourism traveled to Mongolia to explore the impact on local health services when affluent Mongolian citizens travel abroad for health care. To read the full article, click hereMongolian Medical Tourism Industry on the Rise

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