The Economist: Political shenanigans in Mongolia – Steppe in an ugly direction

Politics in Mongolia has been rough-and-tumble since 1990, when the country escaped Soviet domination to become a vibrant if imperfect democracy. But when scores of security forces raided the home of a former president, Nambariin Enkhbayar, and detained him over what officials call a serious case of corruption, politics took a new and ugly turn. Police first confronted Mr Enkhbayar on April 12th as he returned to his home in the capital, Ulaanbaatar. Witnesses say police broke his car window and assaulted his government bodyguard, but Mr Enkhbayar managed to enter his house. Supporters rushed to the site, and police staked the place out before forcing their way in and taking him away early the next morning. Many watched this live on television. To read the full article, click herePolitical shenanigans in Mongolia – Steppe in an ugly direction

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