Mongolia Today: Regulating Foreign Investment Directly?

One of the questions that is emerging out of the recent announcement of a review of South Gobi’s mining license (transparently in reaction to an announced sale of South Gobi to CHALCO) is whether we will see an increase in resource populism in the upcoming campaign and whether this will suggest that laws to regulate foreign investment directly (rather than through mining licenses which has been the pattern in the past) is on the horizon. My suspicion on both fronts is increasingly, yes, we will see more populist arguments in the campaign, and yes, legal changes regulating foreign investments may be on the horizon, but both developments are far from certain and are closely tied to the election (campaign) itself, so if they are not immediately visible during the election or in the immediate months after the Ikh Khural reconvenes with its new membership in September, this may pass. To read the full article, click hereRegulating Foreign Investment Directly?

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