STLtoday: Young cellist pursues dream with help from her friends

Cellist Nomin Zolzaya has already come a long way, from playing in an orchestra in Mongolia to playing on the stage at Powell Symphony Hall, from being largely self-taught to winning scholarships. A native of the cold, polluted city of Ulan Bator, Nomin (Mongolians typically use just one name; Nomin uses her mother’s name as a surname in the West) lived in a bare-bones house with her large family, and fetched water from a distance with a heavy metal cart that hurt her hands. “From 5 years old, you are trained for a profession,” Nomin says. “I was trained as a cellist.” Her mother is a violinist, as is her younger sister; her grandmother is a doctor. To read the full article, click hereYoung cellist pursues dream with help from her friends

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