Political Interference in Media Reporting in Mongolia

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and its affiliate the Confederation of Mongolian Journalists (CMJ) are deeply concerned by reports that B. Jargalsaikhan, leader of Mongolia’s Republican Party, interfered with the reporting of the daily newspaper Mongoliin Medee on April 12, 2012. It is alleged that after having completed an interview with Mongoliin Medee’s B. Davaa, intended for publication the following day, Jargalsaikhan and his supporters took steps to ensure the interview would not be published. The change of heart was apparently connected to the arrest of former Mongolian President N. Enkhbayar by the Independent Authority Against Corruption (IAAC) that same day. Reports indicate that on the night of April 12, people acting under direction from Jargalsaikhan called Davaa by telephone to pressure him to pull the interview from publication. To read the full article, click herePolitical Interference in Media Reporting in Mongolia

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