Capitalist Exploits: Mongolia from a “Mongolian” Perspective – Part II

Yesterday we were speaking with ‘Mogi’, one of the sharp, young Mongolian nationals working to bring his country forward. Today he’ll give us some specific ways to invest and put our capital to work in the country. Mark: So, tell us about your work at CPSI. The firm specializes in capital raising for mining and junior stocks, listed mainly in Australia, but doing business in Mongolia, correct? Mogi: Yes, that’s correct . CPSI was established in 2010 for two reasons: 1) to strategically service Mongolian investors who took part, or want to take part, in Mongolia related companies CPS raises capital for; and, 2) to target the growing high-net worth Mongolian investors with international investment ideas. To read the full article, click hereMongolia from a “Mongolian” Perspective – Part II

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