Capitalist Exploits: a Mongolian Mogul – Part I

Jamul Jadamba is a Mongolian National with an intriguing and diverse background. He’s fast become one of the most valuable members of our on-the-ground network in the country, and he’s a man we are paying a LOT of attention to. You’ll see why over the next few days. Born in 1976 to a family of doctors, Jamul’s education began at the Russian Embassy School in New Delhi, India. He then attended and graduated from the American Embassy School in New Delhi. From there he proceeded to Northeastern University in Boston. CIBC in New York scooped him up out of school. His 7-year stint culminated with him in the role of Vice President, Capital Markets. Jamul jumped back into school and received his MBA in Finance from NY University. To read the full article, click herea Mongolian Mogul – Part I

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