Capitalist Exploits: Mongolia from a “Mongolian” Perspective – Part I

Chris and I make no bones about Mongolia being our favourite frontier market, and likely the richest place per capita in the world in 10 years. We’re continuously amazed at the people we meet that are involved in the country’s financial markets. The expats who have gone and made Mongolia their home; guys like Harris Kupperman from Mongolia Growth Group, Lee Cashell, Eric Zurrin, Chris DeGruben… These guys are self-made, pioneer types who I’d go into battle with anytime! But we’ve also met a lot of Mongolian nationals who really, really impress us. Mongolian Mogul Jamul Jadamba and BDSec founder Dayanbilguun Danzan to name a couple. Today I’m talking to ‘Mogi’ Munkhdul Badral, he’s the Senior Client Manager / Executive Director of CPS International LLC. To read the full article, click hereMongolia from a “Mongolian” Perspective – Part I

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