Capitalist Exploits: a Mongolian Capitalist – Part I

In the last post Chris talked about Mongolia. It’s truly a land of opportunity, and it’s experiencing a boom that will be one for the history books to be sure. In the spirit of continuing our Frontier Capitalists theme, we wanted to introduce you to another good friend whose taken the proverbial “bull by the horns” and actually relocated to Mongolia! A bold move, but likely one that will make him an 8 or 9 figure fortune over the next decade. Chris recently interviewed Harris Kupperman, a successful hedge fund manager and now the CEO of a Mongolia-based diversified investment company that is investing heavily into real estate and financial services (we’ll speak more about that in our next post). We also let our friend Carlos Andres throw a few questions out there, and between the two of them our readers should come away with a pretty clear picture of what’s happening on the ground in Mongolia. To read the full article, click herea Mongolian Capitalist – Part I

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