OneStep4Ward: Witnessing a Shaman getting possessed by two spirits in Mongolia

On my second night in the mini-Gobi desert I slept in a ger with a local nomadic family. There was a full moon in the sky, and a full blown dust storm was brewing. I finished watching the blood-red sunset and retired to play cards with the family in the tent. My guide, Soyolo, had informed me that, 6 months previously the eldest son of the family had felt a calling to become the local Shaman, and after walking into the desert he had become possessed by the spirit of an old man. I was sitting idly in the tent and unbeknownst to me, outside due to the full moon, the spirit had returned to the Shaman, so his spirit guide (a role his father had assumed) and him had to expel the spirit from his body before it could do any damage. To read the full article & view the photos, click hereWitnessing a Shaman getting possessed by two spirits in Mongolia

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