AsiaToday: Mongolia – Energy windfalls

Coal production continues to rise in Mongolia amid the ongoing development of large mining projects aimed at increasing regional demand, yet the energy sector has also began exploring greener alternatives. In late February, construction started on the country’s first wind farm. Located 64 km southeast of Ulaanbaatar, the USD 100 million Salkhit Project is expected to deliver 168.5m KWh of electricity. Salkhit will be a joint project between Mongolian investment firm Newcom Group and US-based General Electric. While expected to contribute about 5% of national demand, Salkhit will not come close to tapping the country’s full wind energy potential. The 1.56m-sq-km country has the potential to generate 2.6 terawatts of renewable energy per year – about one-quarter of global electricity demand – according to data from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the US and the National Renewable Energy Centre of Mongolia. To read the full article, click hereMongolia – Energy windfalls

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