Seattle Weekly: Joy Teriyaki Serves Up Noodles of the North

On the plate: Per the menu: “Steamed flour noodle dish with beef and veggies.” Or, per the photo in the front window: “Stewing Beef, Salt, Flour Noodles, Garlic Onion, and Black Pepper. MSG and Sugar Free.” Those vegetables include yellow and orange bell peppers, broccoli, and cabbage. Supporting cast/What to do: Nothing. But by the counter you’ll find Maggi sauce, Sriracha, and other condiments. Keep those in mind for potential use. Noodling around: It gets cold in Mongolia. Animal meat and fats, along with dairy, are a primary part of Mongolian cuisine. So when I learned that Joy Teriyaki is perhaps the only place in the Seattle area to find Mongolian food, I knew I was in for rustic food featuring lots of carbohydrates and fat. To read the full article, click hereJoy Teriyaki Serves Up Noodles of the North

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