National Geographic: Globalization through the Eyes of a Nomad

I recently had the opportunity to speak at length with one of Mongolia’s greatest historians, Professor Shagdaryn Bira, an academic scholar recognized as a State Hero for his lifetime achievement in the preservation of knowledge. It should be noted that this effort was not an easy task through the long periods of cultural repression and struggle that he and his generation endured. Sitting across the table from me, his eyes peered through wrinkles of wisdom with a youthful vibrance that highlighted a fire, continually burning within his mind. We had wandered into a conversation about the concepts of international globalism, from the mindset of the nomad. And as he spoke, his body leaned forward, intensified by the embers of thought that spread outward, challenging my understanding of the universe with every insight. “Without the past, we have no present, and without the present we have no future,” he stated. To read the full article, click hereGlobalization through the Eyes of a Nomad

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