The Bowdoin Orient: Bowdoin’s ‘toxic’ son

Robert Friedland is a man addicted to risk and profit. His life has taken him from a first year classroom at Bowdoin, to a cell in federal prison, to a commune with Steve Jobs, to a gold mine in Guyana, to the Forbes list of billionaires. This career trajectory may be unorthodox, but his desire to accrue wealth is undeniable. In whatever endeavor he chooses, Friedland has repeatedly shown that he is not afraid to seize opportunity, no matter how hazardous. Now the head of a mineral investment and development corporation called Ivanhoe Mines Ltd., Friedland, 61, has spent the past 25 years investing in mines in every corner of the world. His various international mining ventures have garnered significant rebuke from environmental and social groups, even as his companies’ profits have soared. To read the full article, click hereBowdoin’s ‘toxic’ son

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