The Philippine Star: ‘Glamping’ in Mongolia, the nomad empire of eternal blue sky

It was in the low 40s outside and the comforters and thick blankets that had been provided were in full use. But the night was clear and I knew I would miss a wonderful opportunity if I were to stay huddled in my tent trying to keep warm. Despite my urging, my son who was half asleep refused to get out of bed so I decided to go it alone: I put on a thick jacket over my pyjamas, donned a hat and stepped outside. It was pitch dark and there was nothing for miles around; no buildings, no lights, no cars, no sounds, no one. But this is what I was here for — to be completely cut off from the distractions, worries and annoyances of modern life. I looked up. And there was the object of my desire, a sight I had been anticipating for months: the entire universe was spread out across the sky resplendent in all its glory. To read the full article, click here‘Glamping’ in Mongolia, the nomad empire of eternal blue sky

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