Manila Bulletin: Mongolia – Hunting With Golden Eagles (Third of Five Parts)

The half-wild Mongolian horse pushed his velvety muzzle against my hand as I stroked the white star on his forehead. I breathed on his nose to make sure he knows my scent and wouldn’t throw me when I mount the saddle. As we inhaled and exhaled together, the horse and I, our vaporized breaths rose and mingled. I felt fuzzy-headed as I cinched his girth and checked the height of my stirrups. In the mercilessly thin air, sleep has eluded me for many nights. But today is the fox hunt. I need my wits about me. I’ll be on the saddle all day, riding high on the mountains with my Kazakh host, Tekei, and his eagle. To read the full article, click hereMongolia – Hunting With Golden Eagles (Third of Five Parts)

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