Gadling – The Huffington Post: Transmongolia – Part Four – Traversing the Steppe

Other than a complete break down or having to wait days for a spare part to arrive, there are few things as disheartening on the Mongol Rally as driving in the completely wrong direction for hundreds of kilometers. After recovering from a near-disastrous rendezvous with the Chinese-Mongolia border, our humble ambulance regained its eventual path toward Ulaanbaatar. With a scheduled welcome party arranged in Mongolia’s capital just a few days away, we hurried to get back on track as fast as possible; while gradually losing more members of our convoy with every deep pit and poorly spotted rock in the road. The end was in sight, but the final sprint across the steppe would still test the endurance of our newly formed friendships and our overworked engine. To read the full article & view the videos, click hereTransmongolia – Part Four – Traversing the Steppe

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