EnergyBiz: Taming the Winds of Mongolia

The Vast Mongolian Steppe sits atop an elevated plateau in Central Asia in the heart of the north-Asian wind channel, resulting in world-class wind and renewable energy potential. Mix this potential with the lowest population density in the world – half of Mongolia’s 2.7 million people live in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar – and a huge landmass nearly the area of Alaska and you have the perfect recipe for large-scale renewable energy generation. Mongolia is estimated by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to have good-to-excellent wind resources of over 2,550 terawatt-hours per year. When including moderate-level wind resources – or those suitable for rural power applications – this estimate increases to over 8,123 terawatt-hours per year. To read the full article, click hereTaming the Winds of Mongolia

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