CanKor: Mongolia’s View of the Current Situation of North Korea by R. Badamdamdin

Frequent unexpected events on the Korean peninsula negatively impact the quest for stable development in northeast Asia. In easing such difficult circumstances, peaceful democratic countries in the region seek to maintain a relationship with the two Koreas, as trustful friends of the Korean people, through good communications. Mongolia is among these countries. Mongolia has had good relations with North Korea since its founding in the 1940s. Even though the scale is not large, the relationship between the two countries has been friendly and close. In particular, as a result of efforts of non-governmental organizations, many types of exchanges such as business, individual, arts, culture, sports, and so forth, have been formed between the two nations. The Mongolian government has expressed interest in developing a relationship between the two countries, and it has initiated several meetings for this purpose. Such state-level approaches characterize Mongolia’s support for North Korea. To read the full article, click hereMongolia’s View of the Current Situation of North Korea by R. Badamdamdin

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