BusinessDay: Author Interview – From teacher’s tales to terrible tyrants

British author Conn Iggulden writes his million-seller historical fiction the way Wilbur Smith writes novels, and with the same results — sleepless nights for his readers. In his latest book, Conqueror (Harper Collins), he sets history ablaze with such vigour and pace even I, a mere woman, am riveted by battle scenes between the Mongol and Chinese armies. Conversely, he weaves his fantastic tale about Kublai Khan, one of history’s most powerful and richest men, with remarkable insight and sensitivity. His characters are so exquisitely crafted that Genghis Khan, Kublai’s grandfather, who was as illiterate as he was infamously cruel, leaps to life. This is in spite of there being only one record of his rampaging existence from which Iggulden could draw. To read the full article, click hereAuthor Interview – From teacher’s tales to terrible tyrants

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