IP JOURNAL: Mongolian Luck – How Mongolia could become the Norway of Central Asia

“To Search for the Hermit and Not to Find Him” is the title of an old Chinese poem from Jia Dao, an author from the Tang Dynasty. This poem crossed my mind as I rumbled over the porous sand tracts in the dusty slums outside of Ulan Bator in a Jeep with my acquaintance Tsedved. I had already given up hope, but we found him anyway after almost two hours of searching – the hermit. Dovdon is 102 years old. He lives in a wooden hut with pigeons constantly fluttering about, and spends his time in study and meditation. Dovdon watched as the Communist Party formed a new state in the 1920s: as they destroyed almost all of the monasteries and temples in the land, as they stood tens of thousands of monks against the wall and sent other tens of thousands to the gulag. Thereafter came the chaos following the end of the Cold War in the early 1990s, the poverty of the transitional years, and with it the growth of the slums, in which he himself lives today – and finally the upswing that Mongolia has experienced of late. To read the full article, click hereMongolian Luck – How Mongolia could become the Norway of Central Asia

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