The Telegraph: Mining hordes invade Mongolia, the ‘Kuwait of Central Asia’

If there was a competition to find the ugliest city on Earth, then the Mongolian capital of Ulan Bator would be the leading contender for the title. The combination of grim, Soviet-style concrete high-rises, rambling slum-shanties and towering coal-fired power plants belching out smoke over the city reeks of the depression and decay that was a legacy of decades of communist rule. But look more closely and it is clear that change is afoot in this mineral-rich former Soviet acolyte, which is on the cusp of a mining boom that has led investors to describe Mongolia as the “Kuwait of Central Asia”. The augurs of new wealth are already visible on Ulan Bator’s dowdy streets – luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Armani have opened branches in the past year, catering to customers in Range Rovers and Porsche Cayennes. And in the city’s Grand Khaan Irish Pub the vanguard of the coming investment boom can be found quaffing pints and discussing deals – suited diplomats and investment bankers rubbing shoulders with rough-necked mining engineers and their suspiciously pretty local “girlfriends”. To read the full article, click hereMining hordes invade Mongolia, the ‘Kuwait of Central Asia’

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