Asia-Pacific Business & Technology Report: The Mongolian Sandwich

Mongolia has two neighbours, China and Russia. Both of these countries are huge and have dominated Mongolia for several centuries, despite Mongolia being a sovereign republic. Mongolia is rich in natural resources such as copper, coal, gold and other minerals, which are providing new paths for success and prosperity. Its biggest market is China, while to the north, Russia forms an alternate route to other markets. However, many Mongolians believe that the possession of natural resources could lead to greater dependence rather than independence, as its commercial success may come to rely solely on either neighboring country’s economic stability. Mongolian State Secretary Tsogtbaatar Damdin announced that his country has a good relationship with its giant neighbors. Sandwiched between China and Russia, Mongolia maintains peace like many other countries, though it now finds itself looking further outward. It might be said that this nation wishes to make further friendships with other parts of the world. To read the full article, click hereThe Mongolian Sandwich

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