The Brookings Institution: Mongolia Matters

Mongolia has emerged in less than two decades as a vibrant, if not complicated, democracy, and stands worthy of enhanced United States and international attention, investment, and support. With its rich cultural and historical legacies, small population, large land mass, and abundant natural resources, Mongolia last year achieved an 8.6 percent annual growth rate. And though it faces a widening gap between a small, wealthy elite and poor masses, it has privatized four-fifths of its economy from a Stalinist-era legacy, and in that regard stands as a model to North Korea to the east and the autocratic Stans to the west. Finally, Mongolia is wedged strategically between a resurgent Russia and a rising China, and from a wider perspective it borders a burgeoning Northeast Asia, a global economic powerhouse, and an economically expanding and – in the post 9-11 era – strategically viable, if not vital, Central Asia. To read the full article, click hereMongolia Matters

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