The Guardian: Mongolia – spirit world or camel’s milk will cure the ill

You cannot refuse the airag or fermented mare’s milk that my colleagues at this provincial hospital decant from a jerry can. There are dozens of words in Mongolian for milk products, from aaruul (dried curds fashioned into teeth-breaking shapes), arkhi (milk distilled until clear and potent), to öröm (dried cream packed into camels’ stomachs). My colleagues tell me airag is good for my stomach, but my stomach can’t agree. Mongolians are resilient people. They survive zud, devastating continental winters, and have adapted to market-economy forces often as violent as the icy northerly winds. But when the invisible threat of the H1N1 virus blew in, the government declared a state of emergency. To read the full article, click hereMongolia – spirit world or camel’s milk will cure the ill

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